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Roof Insurance Claim Process

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The Roof Insurance claim process is not difficult, but you may not get the full claim you are entitled to. That is why you should use an insurance claim expert. Our claims team knows all the laws and regulations the adjusters must follow, and the line items that are frequently left out. Items that are left out can dramatically reduce the amount of your claim. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to help you with the roof insurance claim process. If you suspect storm damage to your roof, give us a call and we will be glad to help.

Q: Do you know if your roof has hail or wind damage?

We will do a free inspection. If it’s damaged, your insurance company will pay for a new roof.

Q: Have you noticed your neighbors getting new roofs?

Chances are that your roof was damaged by the storm as well.  We can assist you with an insurance claim to get a new roof installed.

Understanding the Types of Wind and Hail Insurance Coverage

  1. ACV – Actual Cash Value. Pays less than the cost of replacement if your roof is older. Replacement minus depreciation.
  2. RCV – Replacement Cost Value– Pays the cost of replacing your roof minus your deductible

Steps to follow in the roof insurance claim process:

  1. First, you have to have an event that causes damage. (This could be a storm that happened yesterday or years ago)
  2. Find a reputable, local roofer that has experienced  insurance claim experts who know what insurance companies are liable for and must pay for.
  3. Have that roofer come out and inspect for and document damage.
  4. If damage exists and it’s more than your deductible – consider filing an insurance claim.
  5. Set an appointment to meet with Insurance Adjuster and the roofing insurance claim expert at the property.
  6. Get the report from the insurance adjuster and go over it with your roofing companies claim expert line by line, in most cases, additional items can to be added to the claim.
  7. The insurance company will issue the first check.
  8. Have the roofing contractor repair the covered items and anything else you want to add on that may not be covered like gutters, vents etc…
  9. Get the second check from insurance company and pay the roofing contractor.

Case Studies

CASE #1 New Roof $3,500.

Insurance company agreed to only pay $180  for some missing shingles. After our team got involved, the insurance company sent your neighbor $3,500 for a new roof.

CASE #2 New roof $12,100.

We were contacted for a new roof quote because the neighbors were getting new roofs installed after a storm. We found storm damage, but they had recently cancelled their policy and changed insurance companies. Our experts were able to get the insurance company to award a check for $12,100  for a new roof.

CASE #3 New Roof $16,000.

Insurance company DECLINED to pay for storm damage, TWICE!  But our team is persistent. We assisted in re-opening the claim and met with the adjuster. The insurance company ended up awarding our client $16,000  for a new roof.

Reviews From Past Customers

“Insurance covered the cost of my roof”

Rob came out and gave me a quote the same day that I called. He was prompt, courteous and professional. The best thing is that he was able to get insurance to cover the cost of my roof when I did not think it was possible. He met the adjuster and handled all of the busy work with the insurance company. The old roofing was removed, decking replaced, and new roof installed in a couple days. They also did a great job cleaning up. These guys are the best.”


EXCEPTIONAL!!! Tyson came out to inspect my roof and I could not ask for a more professional and friendly person. I was expecting to pay for a new roof but his HONESTY and KNOWLEDGE suggested other options. Not only will I use this company in the future, but I highly recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want to feel like just another sale. Thanks again Nashville Roofing Co.

“Highly recommend Nashville Roofing Company”

Recently our home received storm damage and a new roof was going to be needed. Being fairly new homeowners, we were overwhelmed with where to start and who to chose to replace our roof. After searching reviews for roofing companies, we chose Nashville Roofing Company solely by their reviews and we are so glad we did!! Tyson was so helpful guiding us through the process and answering every question honestly that we asked. His crew showed up exactly when he said they would and got right to work. Once the work was completed, they cleaned up and left hardly a trace of evidence that they were even there!! We also had downspouts and gutter screens put on and we are very pleased with those too! We highly recommend Nashville Roofing Company to anyone who has roofing needs.

Think you might have storm damage?

If you think your roof is damaged during a storm, contact usWe will come out and look at it, take pictures and give you a full report.  We will assist you with the roof insurance claim process and let you know what to say to your insurance agent about the damage. Also, you will also need to ask about their policy regarding the filing of roof insurance claims for storm damage. Your agent will let you know about the procedures and deadlines. If you need help talking to your agent, we can assist you. We will also be glad to meet the adjuster on the roof and point out what we found so you are fully compensated.

storm damage?Roof insurance claims for storm damage to your roof:

We can explain to your adjuster, in detail, exactly what damage was found during our inspection and the date of the occurrence. If your roof is leaking, it will need to be repaired or replaced immediately to avoid further damage to the interior of your home.

We can get a crew out right away to patch holes with waterproof plywood or a tarp until it can be properly repaired. It’s important to inform your agent of any repairs that need to be made. We are experts at the roof insurance claim process and will help you get the maximum claim amount you are entitled to. In most cases, we can get your new roof put on at no cost to you.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

After you contact your insurance agent, you will be contacted by the department that handles roof insurance claims for storm damage. Then an adjuster will contact you. The adjuster will want to see the damage, we will meet them at the house during the inspection and go over all of the damage to be sure they don’t miss anything. Sometimes they just want photos of the damage, so we take photos of what we find on our roof inspection and will provide them to the insurance company on your behalf.  We are the premier roofing company for roofing services in the Nashville TN area. Proudly serving Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin areas to include Davidson, Williamson counties and surrounding middle Tennessee areas.