Mary Head

Google Review: Oct 07 2020

I felt like I was working with an expert team of home makeover consultants. They are much more than a repair or roofing company. I had the original windows, siding, and gutters on my craftsman-style house replaced by Nashville Roofing Company.

Before beginning such a massive project, the project manager, Trey, spent a lot of time consulting with me on the quality, colors, and styles of materials as well as other details for the project. I ended up replacing the badly worn cream siding that had been on the house for so long. We went with a darker indigo siding choice. Getting all of my questions answered and a clear picture of what to expect beforehand. I felt comfortable taking that huge leap with a lot of confidence. And it paid off. My house looks absolutely stunning!

The crews were professional, friendly, and surprisingly fast. Even when unexpected damage was discovered midway through the process. Updating such an old house required a lot of creative problem-solving. Everything turned out even better than I expected. Thanks to their willingness to brainstorm and advise even after things were underway. The team’s communication with me during the process was all I could’ve wanted. Also they did a lot to help me save on costs where possible.

One more thing I was VERY happy with: the crew did a fabulous job of cleaning up after the work wrapped up. They took care around my landscaping and other items that were potentially in harm’s way during the renovation. That seems like a minor benefit. But it could’ve been a nightmare putting things back together. I had very little to do in terms of cleaning thanks to their thoroughness.

I would absolutely recommend using this stellar team for your roofing/ siding / gutter work. Especially if you’re wanting to do more than just minor repairs.